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A dog standing on a farm overlooking the fields

How Dogs Help Farming Thrive

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Across the UK, farming relies on a crucial partner: the noble dog. For centuries, these loyal companions have played vital roles as protectors, herders, and hunters, ensuring the success and heartbeat of farms. Whether you’ve visited a farm or called one your own, you’ve likely… Read More »How Dogs Help Farming Thrive

Ginger tabby cat smelling a hand with brickwork in the background

The Ultimate Guide to Enrichment

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Enrichment is a buzzword tossed around the pet world, but what does it mean? And, more importantly, how can you ensure your beloved companion lives a life brimming with stimulating, fulfilling activities? Well, pet parents, pet lovers and curious critters, we created this Ultimate Guide… Read More »The Ultimate Guide to Enrichment

Cat and dog laying in grass

Helping a cat with cystitis

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Helping a cat with cystitis is always a stressful and worrying time for any cat owner. Watching your beloved friend struggle to urinate and, depending on the severity, being in uncomfortable pain is never an easy situation to deal with. I have looked after many… Read More »Helping a cat with cystitis