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close-up photo of antler during daytime

Are Antlers Safe For Dogs?

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The short answer is yes; antlers are safe for dogs.  Being 100% natural, they’re also 100% ethical.  What is an Antler, and how are they formed? Photo by Jeremy Hynes *Antlers are extensions of the skull of the family Cervidae (Deer) that are shed and… Read More »Are Antlers Safe For Dogs?

A dog standing on a farm overlooking the fields

How Dogs Help Farming Thrive

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Across the UK, farming relies on a crucial partner: the noble dog. For centuries, these loyal companions have played vital roles as protectors, herders, and hunters, ensuring the success and heartbeat of farms. Whether you’ve visited a farm or called one your own, you’ve likely… Read More »How Dogs Help Farming Thrive

Ginger tabby cat smelling a hand with brickwork in the background

The Ultimate Guide to Enrichment

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Enrichment is a buzzword tossed around the pet world, but what does it mean? And, more importantly, how can you ensure your beloved companion lives a life brimming with stimulating, fulfilling activities? Well, pet parents, pet lovers and curious critters, we created this Ultimate Guide… Read More »The Ultimate Guide to Enrichment