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From Online Tips to Brick-and-Mortar: The Evolution of Woof and Purr and Our New Focus

We are Hannah and Paul, we started Woof and Purr during the third lockdown of Covid 19, in the UK. It started as we weren’t allowed to go out other than for dog walks – which got us thinking – people all around the UK must be wondering how to entertain their four-legged friends. Seeing as we both love animals and have cared for them since childhood, we decided to create a blog with pet news, tips & tricks, and everything we could think about talking about when it comes to enrichment and your pets.

CUE starting the online store…

At this time we began an online store selling enrichment items through Shopify, with the goal being that it had to be enrichment-based and natural. We scoured the internet, looking for weird and wonderful items to sell with these criteria. We had some minor success from this which leads to…


In August 2021, we decided to expand Woof and Purr. We created a small shop in Coggeshall to sell natural enrichment goods to the local area and online, under the name Woof and Purr (unsurprisingly). This was an expansion of the online store, we still tried our best to keep to the criteria of working in the natural pet space, but we greatly expanded our stock offerings. This store was a lot of fun and we met loads of cool people and learnt a lot about what Woof and Purr needed to be. We did, however, move away from our core mission, advice about pets.

CUE SHOP closing…

This is where we’re at now… We have now made the decision, after learning a lot about ourselves, where we want Woof and Purr to be. We have now refocused the business and created a new brand called WULFRIC. This is where we sell all our handmade toys and treats, giving Woof and Purr the ability to focus on what we do best – giving advice, tips and tricks, and industry news about all things pet.

You can find out more about Wulfric here

This is us!

Paul and Hannah.

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