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What You Need to Know About Short-Haired Dog Care!

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Short-haired dogs like labs and greyhounds, with their sleek, easy-care coats, are popular with many pet owners. And while their grooming may be low-maintenance, these breeds still have unique care needs.

Here are some tips for keeping your short-haired dog happy and healthy!

First, regular brushing is crucial. All dogs moult throughout the seasons, which can become uncomfortable, except Poodles and other poodle-type dogs, so removing dead hair can make your dog feel amazing! It’s also a great time to bond with your little friend. Aim to brush weekly to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils for a glossy, smooth coat. Using a rubber grooming mitt or brush with soft bristles is best to protect your dog’s skin, and be sure to check for any dry, flaky skin which could indicate problems.

Does my short-haired dog need a coat?

black labrador retriever in red coat standing on brown dried leaves during daytime

Yes! Unless you live in the Mediterranean, then a coat is probably not needed, but if you’re like us and live in the UK, then most definitely, your dog needs a coat!

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t go out in the middle of winter with just a T-shirt and barefoot? The same can be said about your dog! When the temperature finally dips to minus figures, it’s time to grab your dog’s coat and stick it on. It is also best to limit their walks when the ground is icy; it’s never fun when your feet are freezing.

Similarly, the same can be said about the Summer. Your dog doesn’t need a coat in mid-summer, but when out walking, it’s best to limit these too early in the day or late evening, when the temperature is more impassive.

Additionally, these dogs are often susceptible to skin irritations from grasses, pollens and other allergens. Keep up with flea, tick and worm preventatives. Bathing with a sensitive skin shampoo can help soothe any flare-ups.

Talking of walking, what sort of harness should I get for my dog?

This really does come down to what you’re looking for. I always recommend a Halti No Pull Harness; their intuitive design really does work. We use them with Pip. I have shared a link to the Company of Animals website because they will explain it better than I can, but ultimately, they work by gripping your dog every time they pull, giving you more control over them.

What sort of bed should I get my dog?

short-haired dog lying on brown pet bed

Whichever one looks great in your home and looks comfortable! Short-haired dogs often have a leaner shape than most, meaning they have less natural padding. Providing a soft bed is essential, and there are many in the market to choose from, so ensure they fit your dog’s size and can give them the support they need when sleeping.


While low-maintenance in the grooming department, short-haired dogs still have their own care needs. But extra attention in the right areas will help keep your pup happy and comfortable all year round! With the right approach, they make excellent furry companions.

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