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Woof and Purr – The home of Pet Care

Your Guide to Healthy, Happy Pets

Pet Care Advice

Keeping pets can be amazingly joyous, but being living things they can sometimes be a minefield to care for.


Enrichment is so important for pets and their quality of life we dive into the best practices and give you insights on how to keep your pet happy

Pet Industry News

We keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the pet industry and bring you all the new and exciting things we’ve come across

Cocker Spaniel sitting on a beach

We’ve been working with pets for over 30 years.

We love pets, and so do you we reckon, this is why we created Woof and Purr to bring enrichment tips, tricks and pet-care advice to help you improve your pet’s quality of life. So, sit back, relax with your furry companion, and learn about the wonderful world of pets.

We also have a brand called Wulfric where you can buy natural pet products. – Shameless plug, right there.

Our Values

Caring for pets the natural way. Improving their quality of life and helping you find solutions to everyday issues.

Our Company

Woof and Purr started as an enrichment-based company focusing on giving you the best practices in keeping pets and providing common sense solutions to obscure parts of keeping pets.

Woof and Purr is the Parent company of Wulfric Pet Products.


Wulfric is our trading company where we handmake toys using natural materials and sell natural treats using pure ingredients. If you want to check it out right now click here.

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